Welcome to the new Teach Iowa! PDF Application!


The Teach Iowa! Website has a new application format, which will allow applicants to save and print their application. There are three steps to successfully submit your application.

1. Click the link below and fill out the PDF application. You will then have the option to save your application and continue, or save your application and finish it later.

2. On the account info page, enter your name and email address to go to the next step.

3. Once you hit the 'Submit' button, you are taken to the district list page. You must apply to at least one district, but may select more than one district in which to send your application. After you have selected the district(s), hit the submit button. 

4. Your application will then be sent to the school districts you specified.


You must have Adobe Reader version 9.0 or higher.

Click here to get started

If you have any trouble submitting your application, please e-mail Kim Conley, mrs.kconley@gmail.com